For Employees

Alithias helps employees make better healthcare decisions by providing the information and support they need.

For HR Leadership

Alithias provides healthcare data analytics to make data actionable.

For Benefits Managers

Alithias educates and guides employees to maximize their benefit plan design.


The Alithias platform integrates with your medical & Rx claims, on-site clinic EMR, and HRA and wellness programs.

TPAs & Brokers

Alithias gives employers affordable healthcare data analytics capabilities and employee advocacy services proven to reduce costs.

How it works

Alithias combines data driven intelligence and employee advocacy to lower healthcare costs, improve quality, and change behavior.

Data Analytics

Structures healthcare data into an actionable, consumable format.

Care Navigation

Help your employees get the highest quality care at the lowest cost.

"Alithias saved me $4,000 on my sleep study and CPAP equipment."
- M.K., Bemis Manufacturing

"I don't understand insurance at all and after speaking with Care Navigation I feel so much better - like I know what to expect with my healthcare."
- T. W., Orbis, Corp.

"Knowing I can call you and your team and get all my answers is just wonderful. We've never had this before and I am so happy we do now."
- C. S., Rice Lake Area School District

Let us demonstrate how Alithias can save money through actionable analytics and employee advocacy

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