Our Impact

"You are always professional, knowledgable and friendly when I call with questions. Thank you for not making me feel stupid"

M. R., Rice Lake Weighing Systems

"Every time my husband or I call Care Navigation, the person we work with is knowledgable, helpful, patient and makes us feel so much better when we're done."

C. T., Menasha

"This care Navigation program is wonderful! I wish we had this years ago."

A. H., WESTconsin Credit Union

Why Alithias?

Purchasing healthcare is unique.  Decisions are made with a state of urgency and emotion that force price to be an afterthought.  Even when patients try to be proactive, they often lack the knowledge to know what to expect from their treatment and the providers and health systems often don’t know what procedures cost.  The complexity in comparing cost and quality requires a level of effort and experience that the average healthcare consumer just doesn’t have.

The combination of rising healthcare costs and increasing deductibles have affected employees the most.  While employers have graciously offered insurance coverage as a benefit to their employees, it has become an entitlement and uncontrolled expense that requires a tremendous amount of money and HR time to manage it.  Year after year, costs have grown unchecked. 

Alithias provides a first-of-it’s-kind data analytics and advocacy program that blends big data analytics expertise. technology enabled tools and a proactive, team-centered approach to guide healthcare consumers to high quality, high value healthcare.

Most healthcare analytics tools are not user friendly and require the ability to understand and manipulate large, unstructured data bases.  If you aren't a SQL programmer, good luck!  The Alithias platform structures a companies' healthcare data and presents it in an easy to understand dashboard.  The information becomes actionable, giving HR managers the ability to quickly understand cost drivers, identify savings opportunities and measure the value of wellness programs.

Waiting for employees to make the first move in healthcare is arguably the biggest mistake in healthcare consumerism.  Education, advocacy and coaching can be the best tools in helping consumers prepare for the unpredictable.  Alithias Care and Benefits navigators are first and foremost educators, focusing their energy in helping employees understand their plan design, how to navigate the healthcare system, find the best value and determine the financial impact of their decision.

The right data in the wrong hands is like putting a 3-year old behind the wheel of a car:  You are unlikely to get anywhere, but if you do, you won't enjoy the trip!  Furthermore, you can't put just anyone behind the wheel and expect to get to the right destination.  That's why proactive, well trained advocates are necessary to educate and coach employees on how to best manage their plan design.  Most consumer driven healthcare tools (price transparency websites, mobile apps for benefits information) are utilized at such a a low rate because they don't acknowledge that healthcare decisions are reactive.  The Alithias program offers multiple points of contact to ensure employees have every opportunity to make good, well-informed decisions.

Making proper healthcare decisions requires expertise on multiple levels.  Knowledge of benefit plan designs, CPT codes, DRGs, treatment options and various care paths require Alithias Care Navigators to access a variety of data in concert with a multi-disciplinary clinical and financial risk management team to research options and guide employees.  We then deliver the information through a various formats to ensure the information doesn't get lost in translation.

Knowledge is power.  To overcome an employers' knowledge gap about their data, Alithias uses proprietary algorithms and databases to derive best-in-class cost and quality information, population health risk scoring and the application of predictive modeling scenarios to forecast the financial and health impact of benefits strategies and wellness programs.  We then deliver this information through an easy to understand dashboard that provides HR managers easy access to their data and pre-defined reports.

Alithias reduces healthcare expenses for employers and their employees.  Savings can then be translated to offer reductions in insurance expenditures or increase benefit plan features.  The results are far reaching and provide a rapid and measurable return of the initial investment. 

We truly believe that fixing the largest problems starts with one individual taking an action that makes a difference. Our employees and business partners put this belief into action by supporting local and international initiatives that are changing people’s lives, one at a time.  The projects we are currently supporting are listed below.  Please take a moment to learn about these fantastic programs.  We welcome you to join us by supporting these organizations with your time or money.

Working to provide access to quality education for impoverished children and families in Nepal.

 Working to equip and empower young women from post-conflict countries to become leaders who change their nations.

Seeking to put God’s love into action Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.